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Top 5 Roof Problems | Atlanta Roofing Contractors


Roofs are of great importance in any home and must be handled as such. Taking steps like relying on quality roofing materials and working with skilled roofing contractors is worth the investment. Roofing problems can happen anytime without prior warning.

These issues come in different forms such as punctures, leaks, and shrinkage. Homeowners shouldn’t waste time fixing them to be on the safer side. This will give you peace of mind and help you save roof repair costs in the long run.

It’s risky to handle roofing projects on your own unless you have the basic skills, tools, and knowledge. Apart from that, you may even make irreversible mistakes that can only be rectified by reroofing.

Make sure that you contact a professional roofer once you encounter any of the problems below.



When it comes to roof damage, there are some factors that you have little or no control over. They include snow, ice, hail, and UV rays. Ice will melt once the sun comes up and water can end up under the shingles, which may freeze again.

This can lift the shingles and enlarge the openings for water. Your best bet is to invite your technician for inspection before winter is in full swing. Scam roofing companies often show at the doorsteps of homeowners to extort them after a storm.

Try to keep the number of a reputable roofer handy. The truth is that most weather damages on the roof are gradual at times. However, you can be prepared against it by allowing experts to install your roof and prioritize regular maintenance.



This is one of the common roof problems that can cause further damage if not addressed on time. It can occur as a result of different things. Roof leaks tend to occur near the gutters, damaged shingles, skylights, pipes, vents, and chimneys.

Damp walls and discolored ceiling can also indicate leaking. You may need to invite a roofer to locate the source of the leak. Avoid ponding water on your roof by creating tapered areas on the surface, especially if your roof is flat. This will form little slopes to keep your roof safe.



Cracks, blisters, and punctures are among of the roof problems you shouldn’t overlook. The type of roof you want to install may influence this. Pests can cause damage over time as they create a nest in different parts of the roof. The solution is to get rid of them immediately.

Another thing is that contractors can contribute to this when moving around on the roof. Homeowners are often advised to choose a certified and licensed roofer near them to steer clear of this issue.



Nearly all roof problems can be nipped in the bud if homeowners spot and fix them early on. This is a smart way to reduce repair costs and protect your home. Don’t ignore red signs like ponding water, broken shingles, and dented flashing.

There is no need to wait until a major issue arises before contacting your roofer. It’s better to understand that there are certain issues you should leave for a professional. Regular maintenance can go a long way.

The contractor will be able to know when your roof is due for a repair or replacement.



One of the common mistakes made by homeowners is choosing an unprofessional roofer. Most of them do this to save money. Sadly, this is an expensive route, and a standard reroofing may be the only solution to a poorly installed roof. This is to ensure the safety of your family and property.

More so, an unskilled roofer can make design flaws during remodels. Hiring a professional roofer comes with various benefits. The company will cover the cost of an accident during the project.

You won’t have to worry about facing an expensive lawsuit or pay an extra fee. They are always ready to inspect roofs for signs of shrinkage, cracking, and other issues. Asides that, they will offer suggestions that can help you to extend the life span of your roof.

There you have it. Consider taking recommendations from the people you trust, inspect their portfolio, and look for genuine reviews online. Trustworthy roofers have valid insurance and certification.

They handle a wide range of services that include the installation, repair, replacement and inspection of roofs. A good number of them also offer emergency services so you’re covered in the event of a storm.

You can ask for a quote online to have an idea of the cost of their services.


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