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The Recommended Storm Damage Roof Repair & Restoration in Raleigh

In the Raleigh, we are no stranger to extreme weather. Flying debris from wind, fallen trees, hail, ice, and torrential downpours are just some examples of the many issues you could face. When extreme weather damages your roof, call the experts at BulletROOF®. We will do whatever it takes to temporarily stabilize your roof, then complete the job so that your roof is in even better shape than it was before.

Raleigh Hail Damage Roof Repair Services

Hail storms wreak havoc on the roofs in Raleigh. One of the most obvious signs of hail damage is dents in the material that goes around the border of your roof. You might also notice cracked shingles, pits, or holes. There are many other signs that are difficult for the untrained eye to spot. That’s why a full inspection by a BulletROOF® professional is essential – especially after a storm. If you’ve experienced a hail storm recently and are concerned about damage, give us a call

Hurricane & Tropical Storm Damaged Roofs

There are many instances where a hurricane can destroy a roof. This leaves no alternative but a full-roof replacement. Catalysts for this include a lack of maintenance and repairs over the years, making the roof even more vulnerable in harsh weather. Falling debris can also damage your roof during a hurricane. With some hurricanes, there’s a chance that falling tree limbs or poles could land on your roof.

Wind Damage

If you have missing shingles or other wind damage, give us a call immediately. If you delay, your roof (and the rest of your home) are exposed and susceptible to further damage. We can work with your insurance company to install an emergency tarp. Once the roof is stable, we will work on getting it repaired or replaced. Our team will perform a comprehensive inspection to determine how much damage occurred. We’ll also make suggestions on how to repair it.

Storm Damage Repair

FAQs about Storm Damage to Your Home

Does Insurance Cover Storm Damage to Your Roof?
Your homeowners insurance will typically cover wind damage. We are happy to assist you in processing your claim.
How does the roof inspection process work?
When we inspect your roof, we will look closely at both the interior and exterior. That means we will check the attic for signs of mildew, mold and insulation problems as well as climb up on your roof to check for leaks, its overall condition and check your chimney.
How do I know if my roof has storm damage?
Sometimes, it’s hard to see how your roof weathered the storm unless you know what you’re looking for. Don’t take a risk here. Call the BulletROOF® team to perform a thorough inspection.
Do I have to pay my deductible?
This is going to depend on the insurance policy you have. Typically, you will have to pay a deductible before your insurance covers any repairs.
Will you help me file an insurance claim?
Absolutely! We will work with your insurance company adjuster to speed up the claims process by providing the necessary paperwork and documentation.

Got a leak? Or a tree branch lodged in your roof? Are ice dams backing up your gutters? Sound like you need armor against the storm. Together, we can fix this. Call Raleigh’s reputable roofers today.

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